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Affordable Dentures at Smile Symphony, Your Affordable Lithia Springs Dentist

Dentures are a great way to improve your smile. If you are considering getting dentures, read the paragraphs below. They will explain the various options to getting beautiful dentures made at Smile Symphony. What are dentures anyway? Dentures are replacement teeth custom-made for you. They fulfill two important functions: What materials are used for dentures? […]
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Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment involves the removal of decayed and living tissue, the pulp, from the tooth, in order to relieve pain and eliminate infection. With the use of an artificial plastic filling material, the hollowed out root canals are filled with the material known as gutta percha. An important point about root-canaled teeth is […]
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Smile Symphony offers Immediate Dentures in Lithia Springs

Smile Symphony offers affordable immediate dentures in Lithia Springs, GA. Read our article to familiarize yourself with immediate dentures and their procedure. Alternatively, you always have the option to get in touch with our qualified and highly-experienced dental experts to learn more about immediate dentures. What is an Immediate Denture?
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Affordable Dental Crowns at Smile Symphony

Lithia Springs Dentist, making Dental Crowns affordable. Please visit our office at Dental Crown A dental crown is a lab-fabricated, tooth-shaped “cap” covering the tooth. The purpose of the crown is to replace a broken crown and nonfunctional tooth. Crowns can restore the esthetics and daily function of the damaged tooth. Reasons for making […]
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Things You Need To Know Before You Get a Root Canal Treatment

You may have heard the term RCT, or Root Canal Treatment, and wondered what it meant. This article by Smile Symphony, an affordable dentist in Lithia Springs, will provide you with basic information about this common dental procedure. If you ever have to undergo a Root Canal Treatment (RCT), the paragraphs below will help you understand […]
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Affordable Missing Tooth Replacement Options: Smile Symphony, Smiles Made Affordable.

Teeth are made to help you chew, speak, and smile. If you are missing a tooth or teeth, the mouth shifts and makes the face look older. Fortunately, with the advances dentistry has made, missing teeth replacements are easy and effective. At Smile Symphony, we make the replacement of missing teeth Affordable. Smile Symphony offers […]
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Same-day dentistry at Smile Symphony: Saving time & money

Find out how the affordable Lithia Springs Dentist and Douglasville Dentist adopted the Same-Day Dentistry Culture, saving patients time and money. Why we do Same-Day Dentistry... Our office has adopted the same-day dentistry culture because it: What we do... Dental emergencies are serious and cannot be ignored. There are home-care ways to reduce dental discomfort, […]
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Is it worth the cost to get dental insurance?

This is the most common question I get every day from my patients. My answer is no, but I will explain in this blog why you don’t need dental insurance. Here are 7 main reasons: Reason 1 Most of dental insurances cover only 50% of major procedures like crowns and bridges, which doesn't make any […]
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Affordable Cosmetic Dental Care By Smile Symphony, Lithia Springs Dentist

Improve your smile and boost your confidence. A new beautiful smile is easier than ever before. Cosmetic dental care doesn't have to be expensive. At Smile Symphony, we offer metal-free white composite fillings and metal-free porcelain crown and bridges. If you find yourself trying to hide your teeth because you are embarrassed of them or […]
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Dentistry made affordable by your Lithia Springs dentist

Affordable Dental Care by Smile Symphony, Lithia Springs Dentist Whether you are a getting a regular cleaning or a crown, what we do at Smile Symphony is save you money by doing things efficiently and by innovation. But affordability shouldn't come with compromised quality. The only way we can have quality and affordability is by […]
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