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Cosmetic Dentistry

The Facts about White Dental Crowns

Like most patients, you have probably heard of dental crowns, and you may even have one or two of these restorations. However, you may not know much about white crowns, an important innovation in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Like a traditional metal crown, a white crown is a tooth-shaped restoration that goes on top of […]
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When is a Replacement Crown Necessary?

A replacement crown is necessary if damage occurs to an existing dental crown. Although durable materials are used in fabricating dental crowns, they are not invincible. Depending on the material used and the lifestyle habits of the individual patient, dental crowns typically last about 10 to 15 years. A dental crown is designed to cover […]
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Dental Fillings | Tooth Colored Fillings in Lithia Springs

In America, tooth decay is the number one chronic disease in children and adults. Over the years, tooth fillings have been the primary method of restoration for decays and cavities. These measures are taken to preserve the teeth or extend their longevity. Our dentists at Smile Symphony are trained to restore your cavities to establish […]
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Affordable Dental Crowns at Smile Symphony

Lithia Springs Dentist, making Dental Crowns affordable. Please visit our office at Dental Crown A dental crown is a lab-fabricated, tooth-shaped “cap” covering the tooth. The purpose of the crown is to replace a broken crown and nonfunctional tooth. Crowns can restore the esthetics and daily function of the damaged tooth. Reasons for making […]
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Affordable Missing Tooth Replacement Options: Smile Symphony, Smiles Made Affordable.

Teeth are made to help you chew, speak, and smile. If you are missing a tooth or teeth, the mouth shifts and makes the face look older. Fortunately, with the advances dentistry has made, missing teeth replacements are easy and effective. At Smile Symphony, we make the replacement of missing teeth Affordable. Smile Symphony offers […]
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Affordable Cosmetic Dental Care By Smile Symphony, Lithia Springs Dentist

Improve your smile and boost your confidence. A new beautiful smile is easier than ever before. Cosmetic dental care doesn't have to be expensive. At Smile Symphony, we offer metal-free white composite fillings and metal-free porcelain crown and bridges. If you find yourself trying to hide your teeth because you are embarrassed of them or […]
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