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Dental Fillings

Searching for affordable fillings? At Smile Symphony we offers a full range of affordable,  dental services, including fillings. And if you are someone who is nervous about going to the dentist, we offer sedation to help put you at ease.

Do you have a cavity? If you do, you might notice symptoms like:

  • Sensitivity
  • Rough edges on your tooth
  • Food packing between your teeth
  • Pain

We will diagnose your cavity through a visual exam as well as a dental x-ray. X-rays show us how deep the cavity is, as well as cavities between the teeth (which may not be visible during your exam). To fix your cavity we offer traditional fillings as well as cosmetic white fillings (composites).

What are White Fillings?

In general, there are two types of filling materials that we can use to restore teeth that have decay - silver fillings and white fillings (also known as composite fillings). Many dentists have moved away from silver fillings because modern white fillings are strong and esthetic and can be used in almost any clinical situation.

When are white fillings used?

White fillings can be used anywhere in the mouth, and they can be used for almost everything from small fillings to large fillings or chips, to composite veneers. Of course every material has limitations, and if there is too much tooth structure missing after a large cavity is removed, or a tooth has fractured, then a crown may be necessary. 

Are there disadvantages of white fillings?

Not really, but it's important to understand that in order for white fillings to last as long as possible, you have to maintain very good home care and have routine dental cleanings. In addition, if you have white fillings in your mouth and you later decide to whiten your teeth, your white fillings will not whiten. Thus, if you have a number of white fillings in the front of your mouth, you might want to consider whitening your teeth, and then replacing the white fillings to match the bleached color. Again, it all depends upon how different the color matches are, and it’s certainly not required for you to change your fillings if you whiten.

How we keep prices low and affordable?

We keep our fillings affordable by performing minimally invasive methods that treat cavities sooner, rather than later. Our ability to work with most dental insurance plans means you can maximize your coverage benefits and pay less out of pocket.

Putting your filling off could mean you spend more on dental treatment later on. Why? Because the cavity will continue to grow or even spread to other teeth. In the end, you may need to have a root canal or crown instead of just a filling. By treating cavities early, we can help you reduce the overall cost of your lifetime dental treatment.

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