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October 29, 2016

Affordable Dentures in Lithia Springs: Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my dentures last?

Generally, dentures will last about 5-10 years. As with any dental appliance, regular maintenance and check-ups can extend that time frame. The dentists at Smile Symphony will advise you in the best way to take care of your new dentures.

What are some reasons I may need my teeth pulled?

  • Trauma
  • Severe gum disease
  • Large decay or cavities
  • Tooth extractions
  • Developmental anomalies

Smile Symphony, an affordable dentist in Lithia Springs, will take the necessary x-rays, examine you mouth and teeth, and make custom complete or partial dentures dentures for you. Smile Symphony only uses local Georgia dental labs to make our quality and affordable dentures.

What are the various types of dentures?

There are complete and partial dentures, and Smile Symphony offers both. Complete dentures are placed on arches (gums) that do not have any teeth.
Partial dentures only replace some of your teeth, and rely on existing teeth for support.

Other types are:

  • Immediate dentures: these are dentures that are placed in the same appointment as extractions
  • Flexi Dentures: new, innovative, metal-free plastic dentures
  • Implant-supported dentures: dentures placed on implants for extra support

Do I need to clean my dentures daily?

Yes. Your dentures are made of a plastic material that can breed bacteria and fungi (such as candida, which causes oral thrush) over time. Using a toothbrush and water, you should scrub all surfaces of the dentures, especially the underside. Be careful to hold the denture firmly to prevent dropping and breaking it. The dental assistant at Smile Symphony will give you a demonstration.

What is the best way to store my denture?

Preferably, dentures should be placed in a denture box, provided by the dentist, filled with water and a denture solution.

How often will I need to visit the dentist after getting dentures?

You should visit your dentist every 6 months for partial dentures and once a year for complete dentures. Because partial dentures have additional components to them, such as the clasps, they need to be cleaned and monitored more frequently. Complete dentures need to be cleaned daily by the patient, but yearly visits to the dentist will allow for screening of any irregularities of the gums.

Do I still need to get teeth cleanings at the dentist if I have dentures?

If you are wearing partial dentures, you definitely will still need regular teeth cleanings for your remaining teeth; these cleanings should be about every 3-6 months, depending on the exact instructions given by the hygienist at Smile Symphony. This is because partial dentures take support from your existing teeth so these anchor teeth need to be kept in top shape and regularly checked for decay and gum disease.

Should I wear my dentures at night?

In general, dentures aren't worn at night, but stored in a cleaning solution till morning. We will suggest wearing them the first week you get them to get acclimated. Wearing them at night carries risks, such as potential fractures in patients with a history of teeth grinding.

Will my dentures make my gums sore?

In some cases, your dentures may irritate your gums, causing soreness and inflammation. If this happens, visit our office in Lithia Springs as soon as possible for us to adjust your dentures to fit more comfortably.

Can I eat with my dentures?

Yes, of couse. Initially we recommend eating soft foods in small portions. Avoid sticky or chewy foods if you can. As you get used to your dentures, you will figure how to eat with them as well.

Will I need a “glue” or fixative?

Dentures generally do not require any adhesives or glues to remain firmly in place. If you find that your dentures are becoming loose over time, call us and we will realign them to better fit your current bone structure. However, if you are unable to visit our office immediately, then you may use a denture-specific adhesive temporarily. There are also some instances where denture adhesives may be necessary for better retention and security.

If I do use adhesives, will it be hard/painful to remove my dentures?

If the appropriate amount of adhesive is used, there should not be an excessive amount left on the gums. Removal can be done in several ways, such as with a gauze, a wet cloth, a tissue, or a moist toothbrush. If done gently, it should n't be painful or too difficult. Please ask your dentist to show you how at our Lithia Springs dentist office.

What happens if I choose not to wear dentures?

Without dentures, you could lose some of your basic functions, such as chewing, eating, and speaking. Furthermore, the resulting loss of support will throw off your jaw alignment, resulting in a painful condition called TMJ. It also results in the loss of your smile.

What do I do if my lower denture becomes loose?

Lower dentures are more prone getting loose, due to the shape of the lower arch. Unlike the upper arch, the lower arch is smaller and has fewer retentive elements. The tongue is another factor affecting the retention of dentures. Most patients with issues with lower dentures get great results with dental implants. Please discuss dental implants as an alternative for your lower denture with your Smile Symphony dentist.

Can the teeth on my partial denture be dyed to match my remaining teeth?

Yes, the lab technician can use tints to make your dentures resemble your existing teeth. Smile Symphony uses labs local to our area, and the lab technician often comes to the office to make custom shades for our patients at no extra charge.

What should I do if my denture breaks?

Don't try to repair the denture yourself, or continue wearing it. Instead, phone our dental office in Lithia Springs, and we will have the lab repair it or create a new one if necessary. If you have to keep wearing it for cosmetic reasons, then you may use a denture-specific adhesive; be sure to do it for as short a time as possible and make arrangements to see us as soon as you can.

If I can't get a denture for my lower arch due to its anatomy, what are my other options?

Depending on the amount of bone and soft tissue present, bone grafts may be able to elevate the arch, making it capable of holding a denture. Another option is to place dental implants on the lower arch.

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